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After graduating from the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Arbus joined his father’s Toulouse cabinet making firm, which he later headed. Exhibiting in the Paris Salons from 1926 onwards, he moved to the capital in I930.

As for the record number of invitees this year , and the ongoing membership drive, she said she is not necessarily counting on it being this big each year. “We are not looking at numbers in that way. What we are looking for is inclusion. Whether the numbers will continue to be at these levels we will know each year, but probably not. We are not looking to grow the organization. We are looking to have our organization more representative of men and women, here and around the world who are participating in the art form,”  she said adding there are a lot of factors involved and that includes a larger global footprint. “We are not looking to increase membership. The goal is instead to increase a diverse  membership that represents us around the world.”

Betty Wright - LifeBetty Wright - LifeBetty Wright - LifeBetty Wright - Life