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The table below lists the consonants of Old Saxon. Phonemes written in parentheses represent allophones and are not independent phonemes.

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Proto-Germanic * wandijaną is a causative derivative of * windaną 'to wind, wrap', from which the modern English verb wind developed. Cognates include West Frisian wine , Dutch, Low German, German winden , Swedish vinda , Danish and Norwegian vinde , and Gothic - windan (in biwindan 'to wind around, wrap'). PGmc * windaną comes from Proto-Indo-European * wendʰ- 'to wind, twist', which also gave Umbrian pre uenda 'turn!' (imperative), Tocharian A/B wänt / wänträ 'covers, envelops', Greek ( Hesychius ) áthras 'wagon', Armenian gind 'ring', and Sanskrit vandhúra 'carriage framework'.

keywords: depth clues, rectalinear and curvelinear perspective , points of view Introduction Plato stated that as things appear, is different from as things are.

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